The quality Rockstead

The ROCKSTEAD knife, with its superior cutting Performance, is the Formula One of knives.
Why can this knife still slice paper even after the punishment of beating and cutting dried bamboo ?

The knife has three special features :

1:The blade shape is unique.


Lame couteaux rocksteadWe adapted the shape of the traditional Japanese sword blade to our knife. The two basic shapes are known as the HONZUKURI and KATAKIRIBA.

We have made the KATAKIRIBA style for several years, and have recently introduced the HONZUKURI style. Both are excellent blade shapes based on our research of the time-tested traditional Japanese sword.

They have the two most important features of a quality blade — strength and cutting ability. The ROCKSTEAD blade shape makes best use of Samurai sword tradition to create the perfect knife. And now this fine blade is available to you



2:The blade surface has a mirror finish.


Lame microscope x100The mirror surface on our knife goes continuously to the edge of the blade.

You will never see another knife like our knives. After comparing photomicrographs the difference becomes apparent.

The tip of the blade of ROCKSTEAD is smooth, while other knives are more like the tip of a saw blade. Roughness in the tip of the blade is the cause of nicks.



3:The steel material is different.


YXR7 steel is a material that is not easy to make into a knife. However, its high hardness and high toughness make it an excellent choice as a cutlery steel material.

Its one fault is that it rusts somewhat easily. However, when it was coated with DLC and given a mirror finish to make up for this fault, the added benefit of a permanent beauty was obtained.

The ROCKSTEAD knife is the strongest knife in the world.

We think that the ROCKSTEAD knife would ★ be the perfect addition to your collection.

Our ZDP189 blade knife is not as strong as YXR7 blade, but its sharpness is unsurpassed. However, we do not recommend it for usage as rough as the YXR7 can handle.

In any case, it will seldom nick. We made new blade called SHINOGIZUKURI. Please realize that wonderful blade's function. This blade is a kind of HONZUKYURI.